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Robosavvy and GrabCAD launch “Humanoid Robot Design” challenge

August 27, 2013
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Is an inexpensive humanoid robot still just science fiction? Not if two companies have their way.

GrabCAD, the platform for open engineering and home of the world’s largest community of mechanical engineers, is collaborating with Robosavvy on a Challenge to gather fresh ideas for the design of a new humanoid robot designated for entertainment and education.

The objective is to launch a new open-source humanoid robot that will look great and will be agile and smart at a reasonable cost. Comparable education and research humanoid robots cost more $10,000 due to their plastic molded shell parts, expensive actuators and closed-source business approach.

Robosavvy wants this to be an open-source robot that will outperform its rival platforms while keeping the cost of materials to about $1,000. This will be achieved by utilizing materials and fabrication methods available to anyone. Materials include aluminum sheet and 3D printed parts for structure, vacuum formed polycarb exterior shell, servos for actuation and low cost electronics including Raspberry-Pi for brains.
All entries will be posted in the GrabCAD Challenge with a submission deadline of Sept. 22, 2013 The winner will be awarded a custom-built robot in accordance with the winning design (valued in parts and labour at $4,000).  


To learn more or submit an entry, please visit the Challenge page.

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