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Intelligent 8-axis motion controller

February 18, 2008
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Baldor Electric Company has released a new version of its popular ‘all-in-one’ motion automation solution in a rugged and ready-to-use packaged form. Offering control for servo and stepper motor axes, together with onboard I/O and fieldbus connectivity, the new NextMove-ESB2 expands servo control capability from three to four axes. This could be employed to provide a complete X-Y-Z and Alpha axis positioning control solution, for example. Combined with control for four stepper motor axes and I/O for material handling and general machine control functions, NextMove-ESB2 module offers an economic standalone solution for a wide range of machinery applications. Based on an advanced DSP core, NextMove-ESB2 supports servo loop closure times of 100 microseconds on the four main axes, with six-term closed loop control for accurate positioning (PID, velocity, acceleration feed forward and velocity feedback).
Baldor Electric Company

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