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George Brown College launches advanced online PLC training

September 16, 2013
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

The George Brown College Centre for Continuous Learning has launched the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Technician II Certificate, its newest and most advanced online technical training program.

The PLC Technician II Certificate is a computer-based home study program that enables students to study at their own pace, remotely from their own homes, using DVD-based curriculum and a PLC simulator to master the technology of PLCs in the field of industrial manufacturing and production.

The new certificate covers PLC programming and applications, and provides targeted training for the Rockwell (Allen-Bradley) Logix 5000 PLC, using an advanced simulator called PLCLogix. With the integration of the PLCLogix simulator, the program provides a comprehensive introduction to the functionality of advanced PLCs based on the Logix 5000 system, emulating its form, function and feel, to provide a comprehensive, “hands-on” training experience in the next generation of PLC control software, the college says.

“With the PLC Technician II program, our students will get a new competitive edge that can help open doors and expand employment opportunities. This program will increase knowledge and extend programming skills to the very popular Logix 5000 series of PLCs,” says Colin Simpson, Dean for the Centre of Continuous Learning at George Brown College.


Students can start the program any time and “pay as they learn.” The program includes online exams, as well as telephone/email/forum-based tutorials to provide an adaptable learning environment for people whose busy work and family lives demand a more flexible approach to training than that used in traditional full- or part-time programs. The average time required to complete the program is approximately 32 weeks of part-time study.

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