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Motor-integrated electromagnetic disk brakes

January 19, 2010
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

SEW-EURODRIVE has released its latest range of motor integrated electromagnetic disk brakes, which can be customised to match the specific torque and voltage requirements of electric motor applications. The company says the electromagnetic disk brakes have short response times at both switch-on and switch-off and have a fail safe design which ensures the brake is always applied when de-energised.

The SEW brake offering features a spring-operated pressure plate that provides torque against the brake disk. The brake is based on a patented two-coil design comprising an accelerator coil and a holding coil operated by an AC-to-DC intelligent rectifier circuit that can be either cabinet-mounted or integrated into the motor terminal box.

SEW-Eurodrive says when energised, the accelerator coil creates a strong magnetic force that counteracts the spring force and releases the pressure plate from the brake disk in a very short time. Once the brake has released, the holding coil retains the brake in the open position while the motor is running.

According to SEW-Eurodrive, a range of brake torques can be configured to suit a specific motor type. This is achieved through different brake sizes and spring types.


The brake torque can be varied to suit the application requirements and range from a very low torque right up to 300 percent of motor torque. Brake operating voltages can also be varied to match the control requirement and span from 24 VDC to 500 VAC.

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