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Sensor system for laser cutting machine

January 13, 2014
By Mary Del

Trumpf has enhanced its LensLine sensor system for 2D laser cutting machines by combining it with an RFID lens to achieve greater accuracy, process reliability and user friendliness. The LensLine condition monitoring function improves the reliability of cutting processes and reduces the frequency of lens cleaning, the company says. When cutting sheet metal with high-power lasers, dirt particles accumulate on the focusing lens in the laser cutting head. The machine operator must regularly check, clean or replace the lens to ensure process reliability. With a visual inspection, transparent deposits are not easy to detect. The enhanced condition monitoring function of the LensLine sensor system analyses the degree of contamination faster and more accurately, according to the company. The new RFID lens is a standard feature on all Trumpf TruLaser Series 3000 machines with a CO2 laser. The RFID chip attached to the lens records condition monitoring data and other information, such as when the lens has been cleaned. The condition monitoring test can also be carried out automatically at predefined intervals. The test results indicate exactly when the lens needs to be cleaned so operators can optimize the cleaning cycle without time-consuming visual inspections or preventive maintenance.

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