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Pumps for harsh conditions

January 20, 2014
By Mary Del

KSB’s heavy-duty KWPK series pumps are designed to handle slurries and aggressive fluids. They feature highly wear- and corrosion-resistant hydraulic components, and are ideal for mining operations, mineral processing or wastewater treatment, as well as industrial processes such as pulp and paper manufacturing or food and beverage processing, the company says. The KWPK family is based on a modular design so that individual pumps can be customized to meet specific application requirements. Five standard material combinations are available with different characteristics with respect to corrosion resistance, wear resistance and cost. Seals and bearings have been designed to withstand the effects of corrosive or abrasive media, with several options available to meet the most demanding operational requirements. The modular design also features a back pullout layout that simplifies on-site maintenance, the company says.

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