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Tool for energy-efficient CNC machines

January 20, 2014
By Mary Del

With Sinumerik Ctrl-Energy, Siemens has opened up a broad range of solutions for the energy-efficient operation of machine tools, encompassing its Sinamics drive systems and motors, CNC and drive functions, PC software solutions and services. Sinumerik Ctrl-Energy offers energy-efficient solutions covering every aspect of the machine’s life cycle, starting from machine design and engineering through machine operation and partial or complete retrofit. Using a simple ‘Ctrl’ and ‘E’ key combination on the operator panel, Sinumerik CNCs can provide a fast evaluation of the machine tool’s energy consumption and also manage energy consumption during machine downtime. Using the ‘Ctrl-E Analysis’ function, Sinumerik controls determine both the energy consumption of a drive system and the entire machine. They enable the user to analyse the amount of energy that goes into machining every individual workpiece as the basis for machining strategy improvements. The ‘Ctrl-E Profiles’ function also provides a configuration platform for the management of the machine’s energy saving modes, helping to selectively shut down specific power loads during downtimes.

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