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Wireless monitoring sensors

February 12, 2014
By Mary Del

Parker Hannifin Corporation’s low energy wireless sensor platform is designed to monitor pressure, temperature and humidity in liquid and gas applications. The SensoNODE Low Energy Wireless Monitoring Sensors and SensoNODE mobile iOS application are the first in a family of products the company is launching in 2014. The SensoNODE family puts data in the palms of users’ hands, helping to predict problems and prevent downtime in a variety of equipment and facility applications. The wireless sensors offer a sealed sensor housing to facilitate sensor location in challenging environments where a wired sensor platform is impractical or impossible, the company says. There are three individual sensor options that can monitor pressure, temperature and humidity in a wide range of liquid and gas applications. The sensors can be attached to the equipment being monitored via either standard pipe thread (NPT) ports or through the use of a quick connect coupling. They operate on a common coin cell battery for extended periods of time. Designed in concert with the sensor, the mobile app – called SensoNODE – will be available as a free download from the Apple App Store. With a maximum range of up to 150 feet from the sensors, the mobile app connects an iOS device (iPhone, iPad) wirelessly to one or more sensors using auto recognition.

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