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Heavy-duty brushless servo motor

February 14, 2011
By Mary Del

Maxon motor launches its EC22 HD (Heavy Duty) motor, a 22-mm diameter brushless motor developed for harsh conditions. The electronically commutated EC22 HD (heavy duty) brushless servo motor was developed in collaboration with the oil exploration industry and is designed to operate at depths of around 4,877 m and in boreholes up to 10,973-m long. As part of the motor’s development program, a high-temperature test facility was built, and extensive field trials were undertaken. The motor operated at temperatures up to 240 degrees C and under atmospheric pressure conditions from high vacuum to 25,000 psi. It has also been proven to resist impulse and impact forces of 100G, the company says. It can operate while submerged in oil, tripling its 80W output rating to 240W because of the improved heat dissipation.

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