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Compact servo motors

May 17, 2011
By Mary Del

The 8LV servo motor series, from B&R Automation, has been expanded to include additional high-performance products. Equipped with the smallest possible absolute encoder system with a resolution of 262,144 (=218) steps per revolution, the system is able to achieve the highest precision while taking up the least amount of space, the company says. To save weight, installation space and the amount of mass being moved, gearboxes are mounted directly on the motor. This new mounting system was made possible by reconstructing the motor’s output flange and adapting it completely to the gearboxes. The centre gear rests directly on the motor shaft and replaces the input shaft on the gearbox. This type of mounting renders an adapter flange, the clamp system and the gearbox input bearing obsolete. In addition to an approximately 20 percent savings in weight and installation space, the amount of mass that has to be moved is considerably reduced as well, according to the company.

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