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High density analog ouput board

United Electronic Industries (UEI) has released the new DNA-AO-332 high density analog output board. The board is designed to provide 32 channels of 16-bit resolution analog output with a ±10 Volt output range. The new board is capable of driving ±10 mA while per-channel digital offset and gain calibration limits gain/offset errors to ±450 µV and ±305 µV respectively. Compatible with UEIís popular PowerDNA, UEIPAC, and UEIModbus “Cubes”, the DNA-AO-332 provides up to 192 analog outputs in a single, 4 inch by 4 inch by 5.8 inch cube. A 1024 sample FIFO on each channel allows each D/A to be updated at 10 kHz without data loss. Double buffering the outputs combined with the use of low glitch D/As make the DNA-AO-332 an ideal solution for generating low frequency wave forms or providing highly accurate switched stimuli. All outputs may be set to update simultaneously if desired.
United Electronic Industries (UEI)