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Collection gripper

March 31, 2014
By Mary Del

Schunk’s RVK collection gripper has a revolving head, which allows the unit to collect several workpieces before transferring them. The gripper in the working position can be operated independently from the other grippers, which remain in the gripped state when not in use. The RVK allows for lower cycle times and fewer transport strokes in a pick-and-place system, and because of its integrated valve technology, fewer valves are required as well. It can be used in clean to slightly contaminated environments, such as assembly or packaging areas, or wherever fast cycles are required. Integrated electric feed-throughs allow all of the grippers to be continuously monitored. The RVK can be mounted to the ERS 135, 170 or the RST-D 087 from Schunk. It can also be adapted to mount on other rotary units, such as another rotary module or a robot arm, as long as there is a through-bore available. Standard adapter plates allow the use of various grippers, as well as the ability to externally or internally grip workpieces.

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