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High density modular power supply

February 18, 2008
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Bravo Electro Components recently launched its XUP series of modular/configurable power supplies. The low noise/ripple of less than 10mV (typical) and wide operating temperature make these ideal for sensitive equipment in harsh environments. The power supplies are SEMI F47 compliant making them a suitable for semiconductor manufacturing equipment use. The XUP family of products consists of four power chassis that are 2.5 inches tall and 7.3 inches deep. The 2UP chassis width is 4.13 inches with space for up to two output modules; 3UP is 5.00 inches and accepts up to three modules; 4UP is 5.88 inches and accepts four modules, and; 5UP is 6.75 inches wide and accepts five modules. Output modules offer single and dual outputs with wide adjustment ranges to cover any voltage requirement from 1.5-350VDC and -200 Watts / 40 Amps per module. Outputs are adjustable from 5-100 per cent using an external 0-10V trim voltage. VME/VXI signal sets, Single Wire Parallel, Remote on/off, Power Good, and AC Fail Signals are available per output module or globally. Total Output Power is rated up to 700 Watts @ 90-180 VAC / 1200 Watts at 180-264 VAC or total combined output power of the populated output modules (whichever is lesser).
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