Manufacturing AUTOMATION

“Fail Safe” stop solutions

May 13, 2014
By Mary Del

EAO Corporation’s emergency stop switches and stop switches are designed to cover every application’s requirements. E-stops ensure the safety of operators and machinery by providing a consistent, predictable and controlled response. Critical to HMI devices, e-stops differ from simple stop switches that merely turn equipment off. EAO e-stops offer foolproof equipment shutdown accomplished through advanced switch design, the company says. EAO’s new “Fail-Safe” contacts for e-stops further enhance end-user safety. With “Fail-Safe” contacts, separation of the contact block from the e-stop actuator renders the application ineffective. If there’s any defect or improper installation of the switch actuator to the new “Fail-Safe” contact block, the switching contact opens, cuts power and stops the machinery as it would in an emergency shutdown routine.

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