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Power distribution system

February 14, 2011
By Mary Del

E-T-A Circuit Breakers has announced its new Power-D-Box power distribution system with four-way voltage monitoring and four different voltage options in a single Power-D-Box. Add-on features include: telescopic rails, voltage monitoring, zero voltage disconnection for battery-buffered systems, as well as an Ethernet Gateway for remotely On/Off controllable E-T-A circuit breakers. The telescopic rails allow easy and user-friendly wiring, the company says. The compact over-and-under voltage monitoring (with tolerance window) works at both AC and DC voltages in a range from 12 to 230 V. In addition, it features an output for AC and DC, plus a make-or-break contact in MOSFET design. A red and a green LED visually indicates the operating condition, thus a separate voltage supply is obviated. Incorrect handling during installation is eliminated by the reverse polarity protection. E-T-A has designed a broad range of components for use in the Power-D-Box system for zero voltage disconnection. An example is the Power Relay PR60 (under voltage disconnection and automatic re-connection), as well as the E-T-A 8345 circuit breaker, and the X8345-F for pure under voltage disconnection with integral protective function.

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