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Multi-directional roller-top belt


Emerson’s System Plast multi-directional, roller-top conveyor belt provides users with the ability to align packages to any angle, divert them, sort to multiple lanes, rotate, combine or gap them — all non-contact. System Plast 2253RT roller-top belt simplifies conveyor system design and installation with its independently controlled moving surface that provides multi-function product handling in a small footprint, the company says. The roller-top surface easily handles large or small, flat-bottom products, moving them on 12.5 mm balls spaced on 25.4 mm centers. It supports loads up to 9,000 Nm/m (617 lb/ft) or 0.5 kg/ball (1.1 lb/ball). The belt’s non-contact product manipulation eliminates impact and abrasion damage from pushers, as well as the need for mechanical adjustment or changeovers for conventional diverters or guides.

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