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Pressure transducers

November 19, 2007
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Measurement Specialties (MEAS) recently introduced the M5100 and U5100 Pressure Transducers designed for use in industrial applications that require long-term stability in harsh environmental conditions. Typical applications for the M5100 and U5100 Pressure Transducers include process control, utilities, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, advanced HVAC controllers, refrigeration systems, pumps, compressors, agriculture equipment, automotive test stands, gas compressors, oil exploration and water management. The M5100 features Measurement Specialties’ proprietary Microfused technology in a compact, rugged, vibration-resistant package, recommended for high pressure, high cycle count applications. The U5100 features Measurement Specialties’ ultrastable MEMS die within an oil-filled stainless steel isolated capsule diaphragm to provide superior accuracy in low pressure (<150 psi) applications. Both transmitters have heavy industrial CE rating and feature an advanced ASIC for extended range temperature compensation, signal conditioning and output amplification.

Measurement Specialties

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