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Mandrel bend monitor

November 19, 2007  by Manufacturing AUTOMATION

OES Inc. recently introduced the newest, most advanced version of their process variation monitoring system for mandrel bending applications; Release B of the PVM2000-MB mandrel bend monitor. This new system is designed to provide dynamic in-process monitoring of each bend individually, a new bend force analysis of both an upper and a lower tolerance limit and enhanced user friendliness. The upper and lower tolerance limits permit detection of excessive pull force or a loss of pull force on the mandrel rod during each bend cycle, indicating process variation that can lead to mandrel failure or production quality issues. The new PVM2000-MB Release B offers a simplified Learn cycle through simple integration of the monitor with the benderís operating system. Following a single process cycle, the MandrelBend Monitor automatically goes to Run mode and alerts the operator to process variance that can lead to a problem; helping to protect tooling, reducing downtime, and assisting with set-up verification.

OES Inc.


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