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Pneumatic parallel grippers

August 22, 2014
By Mary Del

Aug. 22, 2014 – The G100 Series blue line of pneumatic parallel grippers from Robohand, a DE-STA-CO brand, is designed to provide machine builders and OEMs with higher-quality, low-maintenance grippers for cost-sensitive applications, the company says. The grippers’ shielded design protects all mechanisms and internal linkages from environmental contaminants, providing continuous smooth rack and pinion operation with reduced maintenance. Robohand’s G100 Series grippers include an extended jaw option to support finger interchangeability with third-party grippers. Existing user-designed fingers can be removed from a high-maintenance third-party gripper and re-installed on a G100 Series gripper. This makes it simple for OEMs to substitute G100 Series grippers in existing machines with minimal design time and resources, the company explains. Twenty different models are available to provide high grip force, with stroke options from five to 50 mm.

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