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PACs integrate control/info processing

November 29, 2009
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Advantech has introduced its new PAC product line, the APAX-5000 series. This new generation of PACs integrates control, information processing and networking in a single control system with a unique dual controller architecture that makes it superior to other PACs in the market. Advantech’s APAX-5000 series fulfill versatility, flexibility, and scalability needs to fully satisfy industrial automation industry applications. The APAX-5000 series consist of controllers, I/O modules, backplanes, and power modules, all with excellent functionality and user-friendly I/O design.
Critical applications need reliable and non-stop systems; it is not acceptable that the I/O processing is terminated for any reason. To reduce these operational risks, Advantech’s APAX-5000 features a unique architecture, two standalone CPU modules working together responsible for different tasks. One provides high computing power for HMI/SCADA, recipe, database and communication tasks (APAX-5570XPE or APAX-5571XPE) while the other is dedicated for SoftLogic I/O tasks (APAX-5520KW). 
This means if the HMI/SCADA controller crashes, the I/O processing won’t be affected and will work as normal. Engineers can simply check the HMI/SCADA controller and maintain it without having to worry about the I/O processing tasks. Separating HMI/SCADA and I/O processing tasks can prevent unexpected stoppage, decreases operational risks, and ensures higher reliability for critical control tasks.
It is excellent choice for any batch process production environment such as food & beverage, pharmacy, machinery control (compressors, chillers and control applications), and critical environment management systems such as pressurization and vacuum applications. For more information or to purchase, please contact Advantech directly or your regional Advantech authorized dealer.

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