Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Wireless automation

September 22, 2014
By Mary Del

Sept. 22, 2014 – Artila recently announced it is co-operating with Nietzsche in the wireless automation of the environment monitoring and safety alert. Nietzsche’s ZigBee wireless sensors work perfectly with Artila’s Matrix Linux embedded computer by using a ZigBee USB dongle and ZigBee to Ethernet converter, the company says. The ZigBee USB dongle uses a USB CDC ACM driver, which will work as a serial port in Artila’s Matrix Linux computer. Using the AT command provided by Nietzsche, the user can communicate the wireless sensor with the Matrix computer. When using the ZigBee to Ethernet converter, the converter is configured as a TCP server device with default IP address at, and with fixed port number at port 10010. A web browser can be used to configure the IP address for the Ethernet converter. Once done, the user can use AT command to communicate the ZigBee sensor by using Artila’s Matrix computer, which acts as a TCP client.

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