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Ultra-low voltage step-up energy harvester

October 20, 2014
By Mary Del

Oct. 20, 2014 – Linear Technology’s LTC3107 is a highly integrated DC/DC converter designed to extend the life of a primary battery in low-power wireless system networks (WSNs). The LTC3107 combines energy harvesting and power management capability with a primary battery cell to extend the battery’s usable lifetime. It harvests energy from thermoelectric generators (TEGs) and thermopiles when these sources are available, storing excess power in a storage capacitor and transitioning to the primary cell to power a wireless sensor node when harvested power is unavailable. The LTC3107’s internal boost converter, combined with a small step-up transformer, harvests energy from input voltages as low as 20 mV, and delivers an output that tracks the battery voltage. If harvested energy is not available, the system is powered directly from the battery.

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