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Compact and agile robot

November 19, 2007
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

ABB Robotics is now
offering a smaller, more flexible robot – the IRB 6620 – designed for improved
line concepts and optimization for a range of applications, including spot
welding, machine tool tending, cutting, injection molding and core handling.
Users can mount the 6-axis IRB 6620 in four positions: floor, titled, inverted
or shelf. With the IRB 6620, a space once housing four robots now has room for
eight, meaning the physical length of a line can be significantly reduced. In
addition, ABB says the robotís flexibility
allows it to be installed on different levels, providing faster runs through
production lines. Weighing only 900 kg, the IRB 6620 can be moved with a
standard forklift truck. The robot can also work bending backwards and has a
large downward working area. The IRB 6620 can handle payloads up to 150 kg with
a reach of 2.2 m, and can work with heavy and large parts.

ABB Inc.

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