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Cartesian robots

November 19, 2007
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Motomanís new UH-series robots are recommended for high-speed, high-accuracy positioning of large workpieces in applications such as flexible automotive lines that spot weld or handle a variety of models. Three-axis Motoman UH-series Cartesian robots are available in a choice of payloads and motion ranges. Motoman says the UH-series robots are usually purchased in pairs with right-hand and left-hand versions to provide production line symmetry. Most often, two pair are controlled by a single robot controller. The four UH-series manipulators can move simultaneously to transfer car bodies or quickly change over to new body configurations. Depending on the model, UH-series robot models use either an NX100 or XRC 2001 robot controller. They use the same programming pendant and share the same operation and language as Motoman six-axis spot welding or handling robots, which simplifies programming and streamlines training.

Motoman Inc.

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