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HMM debuts cable-less gantry tech at Automate 2015

April 8, 2015
By Alyssa Dalton

Apr. 7, 2015 – Automated systems provider Harry Major Machine (HMM) displayed a new cable-less robot gantry technology for the manufacturing industry at Automate 2015, the first of its kind available in North America, it says. With the cable-less gantry, power is supplied to the system via an insulated trolley and collector arm and its communication is powered by an optical Ethernet transmitter using infrared light. The system can work at faster speeds than traditional cabled gantries and has the ability to handle up to five carriages on a single track, it notes. The line configuration and programming claim to be easy to change, since no cable-laying is required, even if the beam length is changed due to line modification.

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