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VIDEO: What’s the cost of compliance?

April 10, 2015
By Alyssa Dalton

Apr. 10, 2015 – Whether you are an engineer, technician, manager, supervisor or maintenance personnel, the Safety Compliance Workshop is THE safety event for you.

Manufacturing AUTOMATION partnered with Precision Training, Products & Services to bring you the Safety Compliance Workshop. Don’t miss this important training opportunity. Our hands-on workshop highlights machine safeguarding, an important safety concern for the manufacturing workplace, with our top-notch trainer Terry Ruddell.

Our keynote speaker was Jeremy Shorthouse, national environmental, health & safety manager at Molson Coors Canada, who was named Safety Leader of the Year in Canada by Canadian Occupational Safety magazine in 2010. In his morning address, he discussed the importance of risk assessments and the emergence and importance of teaching all your employees on Dynamic Risk Assessments. 

What’s the cost of NOT attending? The possibility of increased downtime and administrative work, loss of work orders, and of course, greater risk of injury.
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