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Tamron 8 mm, 16 mm, 25 mm F/1.8 lenses

September 14, 2015  by Alyssa Dalton

Sept. 14, 2015 – Tamron has released three types of machine vision fixed-focal (8 mm, 16 mm, 25 mm) lenses for 1.1 in.-format 3.1-μm-pixel-pitch imagers, model M111FM08, M111FM16 and M111FM25).

These cameras can be used in industrial applications including production equipment, chip mounters, test apparatus, and machining centres. With increasing emphasis on higher-resolution fixed-focal lenses for machine vision, Tamron released a 50 mm F/1.8 lens for 1.1 in. 3.1-μm-pixel-pitch imagers (model M111FM50), earlier this year. With the addition of 8 mm, 16 mm and 25 mm lenses to the 50 mm model, Tamron says it continues to pursue “advanced optical performance and distinguished ease-of-use for customers.”


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