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Light beam safety devices

August 23, 2010
By Mary Del

Leuze electronic has developed the new MLD 300 (type 2, PLd) and MLD 500 (type 4, PLe) series multiple light beam safety devices to match the specific requirements of a given application as closely as possible. The individual models of the respective series are equipped with certain features and capabilities (function classes). By selecting a given function class, the user can appropriately determine the performance of his safety sensor for the application and its respective requirements. For example, the start/restart interlock and contactor monitoring functions are available and, if necessary, various muting modes can be selected. As a result, the series can be used both as standard access guarding, as well as for applications where sequential, parallel or partial muting is required. Higher MLD function classes, such as MLD 330 or MLD 530, feature an integrated muting indicator and a seven-segment display, which the user can use to immediately determine the cause of sensor behaviour and initiate the proper countermeasures. The series are intended for wide-area perimeter guarding, and are used in conjuction with deflecting mirrors. Ranges of up to 70 m and an operating temperature range of -30 to 55 degrees C are possible.

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