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Light curtain

October 8, 2010
By Mary Del

The miniature size of SICK’s miniTwin light curtain opens up new opportunities for space-saving machine integration at a time when the size of production areas is becoming increasingly important. The light curtains are available through Electro-Mag in a broad range of protective field heights and three resolutions. The shortest miniTwin measures just 120 mm, while the protective field height of each individual miniTwin stick is available in increments of 60 mm up to a height of 1,200 mm. Each length is available with resolutions of 14 mm, 24 mm and 34 mm. The safety light curtain can thus be ideally adapted to individual requirements. The miniTwin consists of two identical miniTwin sticks of the same size. Each miniTwin stick contains both the sender and receiver elements, each symmetrically mounted in one half of a housing. The protective field is created by mounting two miniTwin sticks offset by 180 degrees, so that the sender and receiver are located opposite one another. In the case of cascading, the particular system plug used (with one or two outgoing cables) defines which miniTwin stick acts as the host and which is the guest – and they automatically configure themselves.

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