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TAM Metal Products installs Mitsubishi laser cutting machine

October 30, 2015
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Oct. 30, 2015 – TAM Metal Products, a manufacturer dedicated to the production of metal products and mechanical assemblies primarily for the defence, aerospace and medical industries, says it has advanced its service capabilities by “performing demanding work more quickly and resource-efficiently” with the purchase of a Mitsubishi eX-S CO2 laser cutting machine.

“The Mitsubishi laser addition makes us a more productive company,” said TAM operations manager, Ed Day. “I’ve worked with the top laser machines in the industry over the past 15 years and have come to appreciate the quality behind Mitsubishi. That’s why we chose the eX-S. The machine eliminates both setup and finishing steps required with some of our other machines, saving time and improving quality along the way.”

Mitsubishi’s three-axis, cross-flow resonator design promises the highest cutting power per watt available. According to Mitsubishi, the unit’s design eliminates the need for expensive quartz tubes and turbine blower systems — it also requires 2-5 times less maintenance than other laser equipment on the market, it notes. Meanwhile, the machine’s design boasts a small footprint without reducing table size.

“Our eX series combines ease of operability, faster cutting, upgradable automation, and eco-friendly, cost-saving features,” says national product manager at MC Machinery, Jeff Hahn. “It’s a smart choice for small job shops or high volume production facilities.”

According to TAM, the machine delivers low running costs and eco-friendly features for power and gas consumption, and stable operation for greater productivity. It says the ECO mode cuts running costs by up to 90 per cent during standby, while carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by around 30 per cent compared to competitor machines.

TAM Metal Products is a family-owned business that has provided complex metal parts to companies internationally since 1958. It is an ISO-9001:2000 and AS9100:2004 certified facility and has achieved Certified Supplier status with many oglobal brands in aerospace, defence and telecom.


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