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New line of safety relays

November 5, 2010
By Mary Del

The new family of Allen-Bradley Guardmaster safety relays from Rockwell Automation is designed to meet new global functional safety standards, such as EN ISO 13849-1. The relays include seven basic units designed to support a broad range of safety devices in a variety of applications, including single and multi-zone configurations. The new line features a patented, single-wire communication capability designed to help eliminate the need for dual-channel connection between relays. Users can expand and cascade safety functions up to a SIL 3 rating using one single wire to connect devices, allowing for a reduction in installation time and effort. In addition, "AND/OR" logic can be set via a rotary switch on the front of the relay, yielding a variety of configurations, including regional and global e-stop architectures. A universal input feature allows devices, such as safety interlock switches, emergency stop switches and safety mats, to use the same set of input terminals on the relay. This helps eliminate the need to employ a specific safety relay for a specific type of input device, helping simplify system design and reduce hardware costs. The next generation Guardmaster safety line also features dual input modules, providing users with twice the functionality of a standard relay in a 22.5 mm housing, while reducing wiring for faster commissioning, the company says. A single TÜV-approved rotary switch with internal redundancy eliminates the need for double switches, helping to speed configuration while addressing multiple functions, such as reset modes and time delays.

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