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Moxa EDS-405A-PTP Ethernet switch

November 11, 2015
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Nov. 10, 2015 – Moxa says its EDS-405A-PTP Ethernet switch synchronizes clocks of all connected devices distributed over Ethernet networks to sub-microsecond accuracy, promising precise motion control of all machines and robots so they cooperate in unison.

Offering five ports, the EDS-405A-PTP uses hardware-based time sync to comply with the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) specified in the new IEEE 1588v2 real-time clock (RTC) standard. Switches with hardware-based time sync make it possible to achieve nanosecond-level time synchronization accuracy between PTP master and slaves, says Moxa. The managed switch uses nanosecond-accurate time stamps to modify timing packets and synchronize clocks distributed over the network. In addition, it can perform as a transparent switch that measures the residence time of PTP packets and then modify their time stamps to improve synchronization accuracy.

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