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High-speed, high-accuracy CCD laser displacement sensor

June 16, 2005
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Image50kHz sampling speed with outstanding resolution and linearity. The LK-G series uses advanced measurement algorisms and new laser control engine to measure a variety of different targets ranging from black rubber to specular metals to translucent plastics. Features include: 50 kHz Sampling speed; Linearity of +/-0.03% of F.S. (LK-G10/15); Resolution of 0.01um (LK-G10/15); Can measure opaque, specular, transparent, and translucent targets; Wide beam spot models are available; Controller can support up to 2 heads; Built-in Data Storage function; Controller with built-in display is available; Controller supports analog, discrete, RS-232, and USB I/O; and LK Navigator setting and support software is available. Please click here for more details.
Keyence Canada Inc.

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