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Linear-position sensors

September 24, 2010
By Mary Del

MTS Systems Corp. Sensors Division has expanded its R-Series linear-position sensors product line by doubling the available length for the flexible pipe version. The absolute, non-contact Temposonics Model RF position sensor now facilitates installation in tight spaces with lengthy measuring ranges up to 20 metres. The sensors can operate in a curved position to detect curvilinear measurements at a minimum radius of 200 mm. The sensor is designed for applications including stamping and forming presses (due to limited installation room under the press); dam gate cylinders (where replacement in the field is difficult); windmills (with a small installation envelope); and multiple-tool position sensing for continuous feed machines such as slitters, large routers and punch presses. A variety of output options are also available for the Model RF sensor, along with numerous interfaces. The Model RF can perform up to 30 independent displacement measurements (or five displacements and five velocity measurements) with a single sensor.

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