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Micromo IER3, IERS3 optical encoders from Faulhaber

July 22, 2016
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Jul. 22, 2016 – Micromo says the new high precision IER3 and IERS3 optical encoders from Faulhaber offer two channel quadrature signals and an additional index signal.

According to the company, the encoders are “highly precise,” thanks to its optical measuring principle, which gives the encoders a “strong edge in terms of accuracy and signal quality when compared to encoders with other measuring principles.” A Faulhaber DC micro motor or brushless DC servo motor can be positioned with a typical accuracy of 0.1° to 0.3° with the IER3 and IERS3 says Micromo. The encoders can be combined with series CXR and CR graphite-commutated Faulhaber DC micro motors, starting with a diameter of 22 mm, and with Faulhaber series BX4 and BP4 brushless DC servo motors. The encoders and their motor combinations can also be used with the new Faulhaber MCS/MC3 motion control family. Both encoders are also available with line drivers as the IER3 L and IERS3 L. The optical encoders are suitable for a range of high precision positioning applications as well as applications with magnetic interferences, such as in tomography or image processing, says Micromo.

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