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Prime Mover pneumatic actuators boast enhanced positional tolerance and position sensing

September 7, 2016
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Sept. 7, 2016 – Senior Operations LLC Metal Bellows has updated its line of Prime Mover pneumatic actuators, describing them as ideal for use in vacuum chamber applications where “precision, high cycle life, clean operation, and absolute zero leakage is paramount.”

The updated prime mover actuators maintain the same level of performance, says the company, but in a “much smaller, simpler package without the added complexity and envelope of motors, controllers, grease, or power.” The new generation of actuators promise to offer axial motion with no rotational forces involved. They use all metal construction (no elastomers), so it can be used in temperature extremes, cryogenic to 450 F, it adds. Up and down stop Z-axis positional accuracy is ±0.001-in, notes Senior Operations LLC, adding that lateral positional accuracy has been improved to ±0.002-in. and repeatability is ± 0.0005-in.

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