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Neocortex Goods to Robot Cell introduced at Pack Expo 2016

November 16, 2016
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Nov. 15, 2016 – The Neocortex Goods to Robot Cell, a pre-engineered adaptive picking solution, was introduced at Pack Expo 2016.

A collaboration between Yaskawa America, Motoman Robotics Division and Universal Robotics, the solution is designed to automate any high-mix, high-volume application where manual labour is currently required, such as random bin picking, order fulfillment, machine tending or line loading, said the parties. Built on Universal’s Neocortex and Spatial Vision 3D software platform, this solution features a Motoman MH12 robot, gripper, 3D vision guidance, industrial PC, sensors, communication protocols, human machine interface (HMI) and safety barriers. With the ability of 800 picks per hour (on average) with peaks up to 27 picks per minute, the Neocortex Goods to Robot Cell promises to increase accuracy and throughput over manual fulfillment. According to the parties, there is no limit to the number of parts or SKUs Neocortex, an artificial intelligence platform, can identify. The cell is delivered on a 4-ft x 4-ft platform, and can be placed in a human-scale workspace by a forklift and operational within one day.

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