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Preco debuts Lightning Bolt 2000 laser system

November 17, 2016  by Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Nov. 17, 2016 – Preco has introduced its Lightning Bolt 2000 laser system for processing of highly accurate micro features on metallic, ceramic and polymer materials.

The system utilizes a PC controller based on the Windows operating system. It offers a full graphical CAD interface with the ability to import common file types such as AutoCAD DWG and DXF format. Processing files can also be generated inside Precoโ€™s AcuBeam software. The system utilizes galvo motion, boasting high speed, high accurate laser processing. The galvo is fixed on a z-axis above a precision XY table. The processing area can be tiled together to allow processing over the full range of the 150 x 150 mm XY motion. Other options include a range of XY stages, galvo processing areas, rotary stages, vision registration, inspection and robotics. According to Preco, typical processes include ablation, via drilling, surface texturing, and cutting.


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