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Behringer HBE Dynamic bandsaws boast accuracy and energy savings

November 28, 2016
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Nov. 28, 2016 – Behringer Saws says its HBE Dynamic horizontal bandsaw features an “array of leading-edge features designed to improve performance and precision while maximizing user convenience and safety.”

Suitable for a range of application environments, the HBE saw boasts servo-driven precision downfeed control that automatically adjusts blade pressure, “creating an optimal balance of feed rate and pressure for improved quality and cutting rates, while extending blade life,” said the company. Meanwhile, an electrically powered ball-screw-driven material feed gripper promises to eliminate backlash and ensure precise material positioning for improved accuracy. Two linear ways and four guides promise precise and accurate vertical movement of the blade; cutting accuracy is further enhanced by the horizontal band arrangement and hydraulically tensioned blade, and double roller bearings for the blade guiding, adds the company. The saw features a high torque, frequency-controlled blade drive which boasts requires low power consumption, while the enclosed HBE design promotes safe operator use and minimized noise. The saw is available in four models: 261A, 321A, 411A and 511A.

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