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Alliance Sensors debuts MR sensors for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder position feedback

December 13, 2016
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Dec. 13, 2016 – Alliance Sensors Group says its MR series of linear position sensors, for use in measuring the ram position of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, is designed to be a drop-in form, fit, and function replacement for magnetostrictive sensors.

Boasting robust construction and a lower cost of ownership, the series is suitable for port-mounted applications of industrial, mobile, or subsea hydraulic cylinders and large pneumatic actuators. According to the company, the sensors are based on a contactless inductive sensing technology that employs a solid probe construction style which requires only a simple conductive tubular target or a small diameter deep hole gun drilled in the cylinder rod for operation rather than needing a permanent magnet ring or some other type of special target. The sensors are available in ranges from 1 inches to 24 inches (25 mm to 600 mm) with either an analogue DC voltage or current output, a linearity error of less than or equal to ±0.1 per cent of Full Scale Output, and a -3dB frequency response of 300 Hz.

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