Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Intelligent alarms

November 12, 2010
By Mary Del

Canamex Communications offers PageRouter software to deliver, within seconds, detailed factory alarms to staff anywhere within the plant through wireless communication. The software-based messaging engine can be applied to any plant operation in any industry, especially in high-noise environments where traditional alarms or two-way voice communication are not effective, the company says. PageRouter is used in production facilities to send automatic alarm details from existing factory equipment to wireless devices. It can notify one or any number of individuals, within seconds, wherever in the plant they may be. Staff can access messaging from unlimited computers via a browser. Messages from PLCs, master controllers, sensors and even wireless panic buttons, are instantly relayed to alert staff of machine breakdowns, fire, spills, power failures or medical emergencies. PageRouter can receive plain ASCII text from factory equipment; transmit programmable canned messages triggered when PLC relays open or close; receive e-mails from equipment and send them to staff; and deliver programmable messages when wireless panic buttons are pressed. Canamex personnel walk purchasers through the installation process. The customer only has to install a wall-mounted antenna, a small onsite paging transmitter and cables from the PLCs and/or the production control computer. Canamex delivers as many pocket pagers as required. These units boast heavy duty construction, a very strong vibrator and a four-line display, the company explains.

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