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Wireless data radios

May 2, 2011
By Mary Del

FreeWave Technologies’ GX line of radios – the GXM, GXCP and GX-C Serial radios – operate in the globally available 2.4-GHz spectrum. The GXCP is ideal for cathodic protection applications; the GXM offers the same tiny footprint as FreeWave’s 900-MHz MM2 radio (five cm by 3.5 cm); and the GX-C radio is suited for use in a variety of markets, including oil and gas, water/wastewater, and industries with similar SCADA applications. The entire GX line is an alternative to the 900-MHz spectrum, allowing current North American customers with international locations to leverage their existing investments by communicating in one or both spectrums. The GX line is RoHS (Reduction of hazardous substance) compliant and ETSI (European Technical Standard Institute) labelled. The line has a 32-km range with clear line of sight. A single radio can operate as a master, slave, repeater or slave/repeater.

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