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Toshiba BAIII Cartesian robot promises to eliminate calibration steps

January 25, 2017
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Jan. 25, 2017 – TM Robotics is now selling the BAIII Cartesian robot series from Toshiba Machine.

According to the parties, unlike most Cartesian suppliers, the Toshiba Machine solution is a “true plug-and-play” as all cables, junction boxes, brackets, motors, and controllers are supplied with the actuators, and there is no need for calibration between the motor and the actuator or between the motor and the controller. In addition to being plug-and-play, the BAIII robot offers: a range from 50 mm to 4,450 mm actuator length; and a range of combinations from single- to two-, three- and four-axis to meet different requirements and applications. The BAIII also boasts a high payload capacity, which means a horizontal mass of 250Kgs with a two-axis combination is capable of carrying up to 100Kgs, and the robot can run at a speed as high as 2000mm/sec. Applications for the robot include transfer, inspection, palletizing, assembly and sealing. AC servo-motors and absolute encoders are available in all models.

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