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EMC joins BC Alliance for Manufacturing

February 16, 2017
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Feb. 16, 2017 – New opportunities to support growth for manufacturing in B.C. is the expected outcome of an agreement between the BC Alliance for Manufacturing and Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium of Canada (EMC).

Founded in the mid-1980s and incorporated in 1997, EMC facilitates plant management sessions in subject-matter areas affecting industry, hands-on programs, services and a connected grass-roots network of industry peers. As the alliance’s newest member, EMC says it will work collaboratively with other members to support all manufacturing in the province.

“EMC is one of the most active industry support organizations in North America,” said Al Diggins, president and general manager of EMC. “We are excited to expand our resources and expertise with British Columbia manufacturers and processors, to grow our collaborative network with the BC Alliance for Manufacturing, and work together to better enable industry to succeed.”

“Because manufacturing business leaders have busy days and wear multiple hats, they want practical solutions,” said Greg Hoing, executive director of the BC Alliance for Manufacturing. “No other national manufacturing industry organization offers the type of tools and peer support that EMC provides. This partnership will bring solutions to B.C. that manufacturers have been asking for.”


“I have personally been involved in EMC for approximately five years during which time our organization has enjoyed several opportunities to leverage knowledge from other manufacturers. For us this represents a huge value,” said Brian Gallacher, director of employee experience and corporate health and safety, The Original Cakerie, Delta, B.C., and London, Ont., facilities. “While we have not yet fully tapped into all of the resource and networking programs, we have gained the ability to recognize best practices that can be utilized in our own operation. We have also learned the value of sharing our new technologies/processes with others.”

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