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Idec acquiring APEM

April 7, 2017
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Apr. 7, 2017 – Idec says it has strengthened its position in the HMI market by purchasing APEM, a French group with a wide international footprint, adding that its European presence will expand “significantly” and new industry segments are also added.

With more than US$500 million in total sales, the combined entity has a broad portfolio of industrial automation and HMI products, and access to markets across North America, Europe and Asia. According to Toshi K. Funaki, Idec president, the new company will employ 3,500 people worldwide and will operate sales subsidiaries in 15 countries and factories in 10 countries.
“This acquisition is a major step for IDEC to establish solid foundations for global growth. It provides us with access to new customers, new markets, and greater range of products and services. Combining the two companies, we are a much bigger enterprise with a global reach,” said Funaki. “Thanks to the complementary product offerings, business models and geographical presence of the two companies, we expect significant synergies as we combine the two companies together.”

The parties say APEM’s “strong historical presence and reputation” will help accelerate Idec’s growth in Europe, while Idec’s position in Japan and across Asia will open new markets for APEM products, and help to support existing APEM business across Asia. As well, the combined sales teams in the United States will provide “unique opportunities for selling high quality products and solutions to each company’s customer base,” they say.
Idec has four main lines of business: industrial and safety, electronics and automation, explosion-proof, and LED. Products within these lines of business are supplied to various industry segments including manufacturing, public transportation, agricultural and energy. These products include industrial controllers, HMIs, sensors, switches, power supplies, LED lighting and others.
APEM’s products are primarily HMI interface components such as panel switches, joysticks, keypads and LED indicators. These components are assembled into HMI panels by their customers, or by APEM as semi-custom and full-custom HMI panels. Its primary markets include agricultural, material handling, medical, aeronautics, defence and transportation. According to the parties, these products and markets complement Idec’s standard HMI systems and industrial automation products.
“With the acquisition by IDEC, a new page of APEM history starts. Our product offerings are complementary, which creates a unique opportunity to develop further sales and new products for our existing customers and new ones,” said Grégory Sachnine, APEM president.


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