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Yaskawa ArcWorld 200, 500 work cells with dual workstation design

April 24, 2017
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Apr. 24, 2017 – The new Yaskawa ArcWorld 200 and ArcWorld 500 welding solutions are designed to be versatile workhorses for small- to medium-sized parts or medium-volume production runs.

The customizable models feature a dual-station design allowing for high robot utilization, says the company, explaining that the operator can load one workstation while the robot is servicing the other. As well, floorspace requirements are minimal, as they can occupy a typical single-station space, it notes. The 500, which was highlighted at Automate 2017, and 200 workstations can be tooled for different parts or can be used for sequential operations. Both workstations boast a simple, rugged, electrically driven barrier door with a two-second cycle time, meanwhile the Functional Safety Unit (FSU) boasts an additional layer of safeguarding between the two stations without switches or a safety PLC. 

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