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Schunk unveils pneumatically powered PGN-Plus-P gripper

May 7, 2017
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

May 7, 2017 – Schunk says it has introduced several improvements on the original PGN-Plus by way of its new PGN-Plus-P gripper.

According to the company, permanent lubrication is provided through continuous lubrication pockets in the guidance, adding that for short strokes in particular, the principle of minimum quantity lubrication ensures quick and even distribution of the lubricant in an effort to extend the gripper’s service life. The PGN-plus-P also features an enlarged drive piston area which increases grip force so that higher workpiece weights can be handled, notes Schunk. In addition to the larger piston, the wedge drive mechanism has been redesigned for lower friction and greater surface area, it adds. The PGN-plus-P is suitable for use in areas with high temperatures, contamination, and aggressive media as well as for cleanrooms. On request, the module is available with spring safety, mechanical gripping force maintenance, compensation units for compensating angular misalignment, dust-proof versions, or as special high-precision versions.

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