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Kollmorgen tool helps machine builders design stepper motors into applications

May 7, 2017
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

May 7, 2017 – Kollmorgen has released a product selection tool, Kollmorgen Stepper Optimizer, which it says provides multiple ways for machine builders to discover which Kollmorgen stepper motor works best in their application.

The tool offers two main features: browse and application sizing/selection. The Browse feature is most useful when a Kollmorgen motor winding is already identified, or when users want to quickly access catalogue part numbers. Users can review performance and thermal curves for each winding, and even modify the available voltage and current to match their stepper drive configuration. Each winding page also includes motor specifications and ratings. The application sizing feature is recommended for machine builders designing and sizing an application from scratch. Optimizer will first ask for any known application requirements, for example: available current, input voltage, ambient temperature, duty cycle, and current reduction. It will then use an algorithm to look through the stepper motor database, and identify recommended windings based on the input criteria.

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