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New features added to Mahr Millimar C1200 Digital IC amplifier

May 7, 2017
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

May 7, 2017 – Several new features have been added to Mahr Federal’s Millimar C1200 Digital IC amplifier, increasing its application range and user security.

According to the company, the new functions include dynamic measurement capability, enhanced display tolerance viewing, and password protection for the setup menu. The Millimar C1200 Digital IC amplifier is designed to replace analogue meters, boasting analogue-like display performance with “very fast” response technology. The display provides digital and analogue readings with selectable resolutions/scales. The measurement capability added to the C1200 allows users to capture max, min, or max-min (TIR) values. During measurement, the digital value is held while the analogue position is marked by blue lines on the scale. Finally, security is enhanced with password protection for the setup menu, which can now be locked and accessed using a four-digit PIN number.

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