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Amada Miyachi America debuts UB29A linear DC micro welder

May 10, 2017
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

May 10, 2017 – Amada Miyachi America has introduced the UB29A linear DC micro welder, an addition to the existing product line that promises a larger current range, greater control, and markedly faster rise time for micro-miniature resistance welding.

Featuring closed-loop feedback, the company says the unit is ideal for safety-critical applications in the automotive, precision electronics, medical, aerospace and battery markets. It can be used to weld wire assemblies, sensors, connectors, squibs, catheters, orthodontic appliances, pacemakers, implantable hearing devices, battery packs and more, it notes. The UB29A delivers an output power range of 15-1500 amps in four control modes: current, voltage, power and V-A (voltage-current), boasting a “precisely controlled, repeatable” waveform with arise time of less than 200 microseconds. The design features an On/Off switch on the front of the unit and a simplified rear panel for I/O connections.

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